Success Stories: Introduction

Success Stories

OCD can be a heartbreaking disorder.  But with proper treatment, most children and adolescents can learn to manage OCD and get on with their lives.

The stories in this section are written by children and teens with OCD and parents of young people who have OCD.  Read how OCD makes a child feel, and how parents have faced this disorder with their child.

Whether you’ve had first-hand experience with OCD at school – or not yet encountered it – reading these stories will improve your understanding of how the disorder affects children, teens and families.

New -- School Stories

The OCD Education Station needs your help.  We need school success stories to add to this Success Stories section.  Your successful work at school with a child or adolescent who has OCD can be inspiring to other school personnel.  Share your strategies, what accommodations you’ve tried, what works and what doesn’t.

You can contact us if you have an OCD story you would like to share.

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